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Canadian securities laws permit reporting issuers to advise their securityholders of the availability of all proxy-related materials on an easily-accessible website, rather than mailing physical copies of the materials.

Meeting related materials will be available for viewing for up to one year from the date of posting and a paper copy of the material can be requested at any time during this period. The use of this alternative means of delivery is more environmentally friendly as it will help reduce the use of paper and it will also reduce the REIT’s printing and mailing costs.

InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust has elected to utilize notice–and–access and to provide you with Meeting materials electronically at www.sedar.comas well as on this webpage.

If you wish to receive a paper copy of the Meeting materials or have questions about notice-and-access, please call 1.855.659.2926 or email In order to receive a paper copy in time to vote before the May 9, 2018 Annual Meeting of Unitholders, your request should be received by April 30, 2018.


Notice of Annual Meeting of Unitholders and Management Information Circular

If you hold a physical InterRent REIT Unit Certificate please use this form:

If you hold your InterRent REIT Units in an account with a broker and you are a Non-Objecting Benefical Owner, please use this form:
Voting Information Form

If you hold your InterRent REIT Units in an account with a broker and you are an Objecting Benefical Owner, please contact your broker to request the appropriate form.

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