Step 1

Find your CLV Group or InterRent REIT home online.

Our Website has all the information you need to narrow your search and find the right home for you. Find out about our suites, our buildings, our communities and the surrounding neighbourhoods on

Step 2

Take a virtual tour of the apartment with our team.
Guide yourself through an apartment with a detailed online virtual tour, or an experience rental agent can provide a personal experience via FaceTime or your preferred video call platform.

Need a closer look?
Our team can schedule a self-guided tour for any of our vacant apartments.

Have any questions?
We are available to chat during the tour and can discuss what is required for the application process.

Step 3

Complete your application and pay your deposit or advance* online.

Our team will send a link directly to your email to complete an application. You will then receive an email through RentMoola where you can pay the last month’s rent deposit or the first month’s rent advance* from the convenience of your home using the payment method of your choice.

*depending on your province of residence.

Step 4

Sign and return your lease digitally.

Receive a link directly to your email to review and sign your lease online seamlessly. Once all pages are signed, they can be returned digitally, saving you time and increasing convenience.

Step 5

Pick up your keys and move in using a unique intercom code or lock box.

The rental agent will connect with you and will provide more information about the contactless move-in process. Regardless of if you’re using the intercom or a key to gain access to the building, your safety is our top priority. Everything you need to move in and get settled will be left in your apartment for you to retrieve.

Step 6

Now You’re Home.

Our team is available via phone or e-mail if you have any questions or concerns regarding your new home. We are here to support you in any way we can.

Please stay safe in the comfort of your new home.

Get started

Let us help you find your next place to call home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a self-guided tour?

A: A self-guided tour allows you to enter the building and view an apartment on your own, with guidance provided by our Customer Care Coordinators.

Q: Can I view an occupied apartment?

A: We do have protocols in place for when a vacant apartment is viewed. However, to protect our residents and yourself, we do encourage the use of virtual tours, videos, photos and vacant apartment tours.

Q: Are vacant apartments cleaned in between tours?

A: Yes! Each apartment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each entry.

Q: How can I view an apartment?

A: There are many ways that you can view an apartment, including virtual tours which allow you to virtually walk through the apartment, videos, photos, video chat tours or in person tours.

Q: What is the protocol for viewing an apartment in person?

A: Before you arrive, you will be asked a few health screening questions. Once you arrive, social distancing rules will be in place, all visitors and staff are required to wear masks during the tour and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds following the tour.

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