The company’s focus is to expand in the core markets of GTA, Montreal, the National Capital Region, and relating markets. Areas are selected based on their ability to meet the following parameters and contribute to the REIT’s growth-oriented strategy.

Healthy Economical Regional Centres & Neighbourhoods

Regions that have stable employment profiles derived from strong and sustainable industries and are expected to have continued population growth.

Strong Demand
for Rental Suites

Cities that typically have a vacancy rate in line with or better than the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC) vacancy statistics for the region, which allows for consistent cash flow.

Locations that Offer Stable Capitalization Rates

By targeting markets that meet the first parameters and that also have sufficient supply and demand from investors, InterRent ensure that its markets will maintain relatively stable capitalization rates.

The Canadian market continues to strengthen as positive changes occur across the country. The demand for rental apartments is consistently strong, stemming from a variety of factors including improved youth employment and an aging Canadian population, and exceedingly high net international migration.

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Sources: Vacancy, Average Rent/Growth, and Multifamily Universe obtained from CMHC Primary Rental Market Statistics (Oct. 2018). Population data obtained from Statistics Canada (2011 and 2016 census). (Population Growth from 2011-2016).
2 Statistics Canada
4 Multi-Family Units Per Capita