InterRent REIT is proud to be shaping the future of Real Estate and Property Management.

We have built an exceptional team focused on providing the best service to our customers, a positive work experience for our employees, and above average return for our Unitholders. In order to achieve this we focus on not only what we do, but more importantly, how we can make an impact on our communities.

Internally Managed

As of February, 2018 InterRent REIT fully internalized the management of the portfolio. An in-house property management team means stronger alignment of management and corporate values across the company, as well as significant cost savings.

This strategic decision will help facilitate the long term growth and success of the REIT.

Investing in our communities

InterRent REIT takes great pride in the buildings we own and manage.

This often means investing significant capital to reposition our properties by improving the safety, efficiency, cleanliness and amenities of our communities for long term stability and success.

Geographical breadth

In order to build a strong foundation for growth, the REIT has adopted a strategy to diversify geographically while focusing on markets where population and income growth are the strongest.

Our primary markets include the Greater Toronto Area (including Hamilton), Montreal and the National Capital Region.

Established methodology

As a reputable leader in various markets we have established an efficient and successful methodology in the way that we analyze, acquire and manage our properties.

Our experienced team underwrites potential acquisitions with a detailed due diligence process and an emphasis on a smooth transition from previous ownership.