Investing in Energy
Efficient Technology
Providing Training
for Employees
Supporting Local
Green Initiatives

At InterRent REIT we are passionate about implementing sustainable projects

These initiatives benefit our residents, improve the lives of our employees, and help with bettering the environment. Our Energy Management Department works diligently to ensure all of our properties are as efficient as possible. Some of the investments we have made in our communities include:

  • Electric Car Charging Stations

  • Energy Star Appliances

  • High Efficiency Boilers

  • Solar Lights

  • Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostats

  • Micro Cogeneration

This mandate of working hard to improve our environment is also carried into the daily lives of our employees. Our dedicated employees volunteer their time to implement various initiatives in our offices such as:

  • 1. Recycling program

    Organized by office volunteers to recycle paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronics, Keurig coffee pods, printer cartridges, and even used up pens and markers.

  • 2. Energy efficient technology

    Timed lights, energy efficient appliances and smart thermostats are a few examples.

  • 3. Energy Management Hunt

    In order to learn more about how and where to save energy, our teams participated in a scavenger hunt organized by the Energy Management Team.